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News | قبل 22 ساعة و 15 دقيقة

Houthi militants have executed a young man in the Shia terrorists-controlled part of Taiz, Al-Hawban, on no clear charges , local sources confirmed today on the condition of anonymity. The>>

News | قبل 22 ساعة و 15 دقيقة

The Houthi militia launched a large scale attack on Marib from the province s southern outskirt in a continuous violation and disregard for the truce. The army repelled the attack causing the>>

News | 19:50 2022/08/03

Houthi continued fueling of conflicts among Yemeni tribes in the [northern Yemeni provinces of] Mahweet, Ibb and Amran has caused the death and injury of 30 people within four days last week / Islah>>

News | 23:30 2022/08/01

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan Yemen s Shia terrorists, known as Houthis, are amassing forces to different frontlines in the country threatening to resume large scale war against the government-held>>

News | 23:30 2022/08/01

Traditional Press - Houthis have set up more than 30 arms depots in Sana a and workshops to manufacture landmines, explosives and to assemble armed drones in the neighborhoods of Sana a>>

News | 17:40 2022/07/30

Anwar Thabet Salman Hudaysh, 12, was killed and his cousin Mohammed Salman, 16, was injured in a Houthi shelling on their village of Hayjat Al-Abd in the western Yemeni provice of Hodeidah on>>

News | 15:10 2022/07/27

Yemen s Congregation for Reform (Islah) has condemned as " cowardly terrorist" the attack on the political party s office in the eastern Yemeni province of Shabwa on Tuesday afternoon. An>>

News | 14:30 2022/07/27

Two people were killed, one injured and 20 others were kidnapped in a an armed attack by the terrorist Houthi militia in Hayftayn village in Mahweet province on Monday evening./Alsahwa Net websiteThe>>

News | 15:10 2022/07/26

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan Thousands of people took to the streets of Yemen s central Taiz on Tuesday morning in a demonstration against the truce which is being imposed to handcuff the army while>>

News | 15:10 2022/07/26

Houthi terrorists are attacking a new village in north Yemen killing, wounding and kidnapping its residents, alongside Khubza village which is under siege for more than one week. Sources in>>

News | 19:10 2022/07/24

By Ali Sinan The terrorist Houthi militia are fueling new wars in Yemen s population centers in the areas under their control to keep armed Yemeni tribes in the north weak and to guarantee that the>>

News | 22:40 2022/07/20

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan Yemen s sectarian terrorist Shia are fighting more than one hour in this moment in the country s center after striking a truce agreement with Saudi Arabia. The Houthis,>>

News | 00:10 2022/07/20

The Houthi militia have been shelling Khabza village the central Yemen governorate of Al-Beidha until this Tuesday evening, trying to storm it after besieging it for four days. A woman has been>>

News | 23:30 2022/07/16

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan The UK has recently claimed intercepting an Iranian missile shipment to Houthis in the Gulf of Oman, the first by the UK and the latest western interdiction of this kind. >>

News | 12:40 2022/07/14

The head of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah) party, Professor Muhammad Abdullah Al-Yadoumi, confirmed that the Republic of Yemen has one legitimate government.Al-Yadoumi said in a tweet,>>

News | 12:40 2022/07/14

Dozens of local Yemeni, regional and international NGOs have demanded the US to re-designate Houthis as a terrorist group. The Alliance of Independent Yemeni Women together with 35 other NGOs said in>>

News | 20:10 2022/07/03

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan Yemen s Houthis are continuing to deploy troops and military equipment to the vicinity of the capital of Yemen s central Taiz province where they are - as per a UN-brokered>>

News | 20:40 2022/06/30

Gathered by Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan The Regain Yemen organization tracking organized crimes and Houthi financing has said in a report that the Houthis are investing in an intelligence system>>

News | 20:40 2022/06/29

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan Houthi terrorists controlling north Yemen s highlands have reportedly begun stocking up on grains mainly wheat for the use of the supremacist leaders from the Houthi caste>>

News | 20:00 2022/06/29

As Houthis loot the local revenues in billions of rials, the oppressive heat of the summer is roasting the people of Hodeidah province causing skin rash to the children, other diseases and deaths to>>

News | 20:00 2022/06/29

Three civilians including two children were injured as Houthi militants fired mortar rounds on Qaataba district of Yemen s southern governorate Al-Dhale a on Tuesday evening, local sources said. >>

News | 20:00 2022/06/28

Yemen s Shia Houthis killed a child and injured seven others six of them women in the country s Red Sea port of Hodeidah on Monday, local sources have said, the latest in countless genocidal>>

News | 20:00 2022/06/28

Houthis are exploiting the truce to recruit 3,000 young fighters from summer [radicalization] camps./Taiz TimeThe Yemeni government condemns the Houthi shelling on Hodeidah villages, which killed and>>

News | 01:10 2022/06/28

Gathered by Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan The Houthi militia launched today two military offensives on Marib from two directions, the governorate s north and the west. The army said it repelled the>>

News | 19:40 2022/06/21

The Houthi militia copies an Iranian model of surveillance on the residents of Sana a/Yemeni PostHouthis set up an intelligence system for spying on the public/Ayn AlmahrahThe constant US pressures>>

News | 00:40 2022/06/21

The Houthi militia as its pattern of behavior indicates is planning to reduce Yemen s population by wars. The militia is now focusing on fueling new mini-wars and tribal revenges in the areas under>>

News | 00:40 2022/06/21

The sole licensed provider of the international telecommunication services in Yemen, Sana a-based Teleyemen, says Houthi militants controlling Sana a are smuggling international calls and exploiting>>

News | 23:10 2022/06/19

The Houthi militia have intensified bombing neighborhoods in the district of Harib in Marib. Last night saw the fiercest shelling despite the UN brokered truce declared at the beginning of>>

News | 00:40 2022/06/19

The Houthi militia have for the past few days stepped up ground attacks on Hidhran area in Al-Dhabab district west of Taiz as they trying to cut off the last road connecting the seven year besieged>>

News | 16:20 2022/06/17

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan An example: Yemeni journalist was killed when his car exploded while he was driving in the southern port city of Aden, an official said Thursday, the latest such attack>>

News | 20:10 2022/06/15

The Houthi militia have launched a campaign to recruit 800 new fighters from prisons in different Yemeni areas under the militia s control to brainwash them with sectarian ideologies and deploy>>

News | 20:10 2022/06/15

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan In a story on Yemen today, Reuters says: "The re-opening of the Habwan road was one of the conditions set by the Houthis rival, the Saudi-backed government as a>>

News | 01:10 2022/06/14

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan Yemen s Houthi Shia fired a ballistic missile on Marib on Monday evening amidst continuous escalation on the city that accommodates two million Sunni refugees. There are no>>

News | 20:00 2022/06/13

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan The chairman of Yemen s "Presidential Leadership Council" Rashad Al-Alimi announced yesterday that the UN Special Envoy Hans Grundberg could not persuade the>>

News | 20:00 2022/06/13

Houthis stormed a mosque in Ibb (a central Yemen province) and destroyed its sound system , the latest in the Shia militants vandalism of mosques./Multiple websitesFlour prices suddenly spike in>>

News | 20:40 2022/06/04

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan Yemen s Shia extremists have reportedly turned a football stadium in the central governorate of Dhamar to a camp for recruiting child fighters graduated from sectarian>>

News | 01:10 2022/06/03

Iranian general Jawad Dayyani is supervising an office in Al Bukamal city in Deir Ez-Zour region in Syria to recruit mercenaries to fight in Yemen alongside the Houthi militants. The office signs>>

News | 01:00 2022/05/31

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan Lebanese former information minister, George Kurdahi, who once said Houthis "are defending themselves" has just visited a shrine in Iraq. Kurdahi, was>>

News | 23:20 2022/05/29

- Prominent Yemeni poet and writer Fahd A-Mesabahi (a member of the Yemeni Writers Union) was killed when a motorbike he was riding hit a landmine in Aljarrahi district of Hodeidah today./Taiz Time >>

News | 19:40 2022/05/25

The Houthi militia launch a massive attack and the army issues a statement/Amashehad AyemeniThe Houthi militia meet the UN envoy and escalate attacks in the western coast/The Western Coast websiteThe>>