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News | 13:50 2022/11/26

A child was shot injured by Houthi militants in north Yemen s governorate of Alawf on Friday, local sources have said. The sources said Houthi militants shot fire on child Askar Almarani while he>>

News | 11:30 2022/11/22

The Houthi terrorist militia launched a new attack on Al Dabah oil terminal in the governorate of Hadhramout where one of the ships was anchored. The news agency Saba said "the government">>

News | 00:20 2022/11/22

Eleven civilians including women and children were wounded in the explosion of a Houthi-laid landmine in western Yemen on Sunday, official sources have said The Yemeni Observatory for Landmines said>>

News | 00:20 2022/11/22

Houthi militants arbitrarily shot injured four women in their house in the central Yemen governorate of Ibb on Sunday, local sources have said, as part of literally endless Houthi atrocities against>>

News | 16:10 2022/11/13

The presidency of Yemen s parliament has said the western administered doses for peace with the Houthi terrorists are a waste of time. In a statement on Saturday, the parliament presidency has>>

News | 01:10 2022/11/13

- Several Yemeni activists have organized an online protest to demand investigations into the UN s agencies in supporting and financing the manufacturing and planting of the terrorist Houthi militia>>

News | 01:10 2022/11/13

Fourteen civilians including children were killed and wounded in a Houthi rocket attack on a south Yemen village on Friday, local sources have said. The terrorist Houthi militia fired a heat seeking>>

News | 14:40 2022/11/08

Several rights organizations have accused the United Nations and its agencies in Yemen of supporting the terrorist Shiit Houthis with planting landmines and killing and injuring thousands of>>

News | 17:50 2022/11/01

While the UN confirms that 19 million Yemenis will go hungry in the next six months, the Houthi militia have spent billions of rials to marry off the thousands of their fighters in a mass wedding in>>

News | 23:00 2022/10/30

Heavy bombardment by the Houthi armed group severed the legs of three children in the Old Airport neighborhood in the besieged city of Taiz on Sunday afternoon. Hours later the militants committed>>

News | 19:10 2022/10/24

Yemeni police on Sunday arrested two cells linked to the terrorist Houti militia and responsible for conducting heinous car bombings in the central city of Taiz, police sources say. The Director of>>

News | 22:50 2022/10/22

Houthi militants launched a drone strike on Al-Dhaba oil terminal in eastern Yemen s Hadhramout on Friday, scaring ships away and disrupting the export of crude oil. The "presidential">>

News | 17:20 2022/10/15

- The Houthi terrorists who seized the capital Sana a in September 2014 have looted amounts equal to more than two trillion US dollars in retirement pensions from the General Authority for Social>>

News | 17:20 2022/10/15

Houthi terrorists have launched a fresh attack on the government –held Taiz city which they are required to end a seven year siege , under all UN-brokered peace and ceasefire agreements in Yemen.>>

News | 01:20 2022/10/12

By Ahmed Abdulmalik Al-Maqrami Even though Houthis never honor agreements, admittedly they never forget the favors done to them by their benefactors, provided that these benefactors are neither>>

News | 01:20 2022/10/12

Yemen s army repelled a new attack by the terrorist Houthi militia in the outskirts of the country s central Taiz of city on Tuesday, military and civilian sources have said. The foreign-backed>>

News | 01:40 2022/10/03

Yemen s army in the country s central city of Taiz said Houthi terrorists killed and injured 255 people and around the besieged city since a UN-brokered truce began last April. In a statement on>>

News | 01:40 2022/10/03

Yemen s Houthi militia intensified its hostilities against two of the fe.w rema*ining cities under government s control, Taiz in the west and Marib in the east, on Sunday, informed sources have said,>>

News | 19:10 2022/09/22

Houthi continued armed attacks on different frontlines in Yemen have left 30 casualties amongst government forces in just two days, official sources say. The Media Center of the armed forces said>>

News | 00:20 2022/09/21

2022-09-20 MARIB-SABA The only public hospital offering care to mothers and children in Yemen s beleaguered city of Marib has warned it may close at the end of this September due to lack of>>

News | 22:50 2022/09/19

Houthis have killed one soldier and injured six others in 377 violations of the truce over five days/ The website of the army s Media Center.Sam, a human rights organization, has called for the>>

News | 15:50 2022/09/17

The Director of the Islah party s Media Department said the Houthi militia in Sana a are seeking to establish a parallel judiciary despite the fact that the judiciary there is now under the militia s>>

News | 00:10 2022/09/17

09/16/2022 Aden – Saba Prime Minister Dr. Maeen Abdulmalik received today, Friday, at the presidential palace in the temporary capital Aden the Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and International>>

News | 12:10 2022/09/15

Marauding Houthi militiamen raided a cluster of villages in Hodeidah and arrested 70 villagers who tried with bare hands to resist a Houthi military campaign to confiscate their lands and properties>>

News | 23:20 2022/09/11

Sunday, 11 September, 2022 - 07:00 Aden - Mohammed Nasser Eight Houthi-controlled governorates in Yemen suffer from severe food insecurity, according to a household survey released this week by>>

News | 12:10 2022/09/10

Security authorities in Yemen s eastern Hadhramout province re-arrested on Thursday an al-Qaeda militant who had escaped jail months ago, Saba news agency said quoting the "Interior Minister>>

News | 00:40 2022/09/06

Mohammed Ahmed Dowbalah was killed when his transport truck hit a landmine in south of Hodeidah, Yemen s key port province on the Red Sea on Sunday. Another man, Abduh Sulayji, was also killed by a>>

News | 00:40 2022/09/06

The Yemeni Journalists Union has condemned the torture of journalist Ahmed Maher in a jail in Aden as a video going viral showed him making criminal confessions under duress. In a statement, the>>

News | 12:00 2022/09/01

A young girl lose her two legs in the explosion of a Houthi-laid landmine in Yemen s Taiz province, local sources have said. Thirteen year old Enaya Dustoor Al-Habashi stepped on a landmine in her>>

News | 00:40 2022/08/31

The Houthi militia have renewed their attack on the central Yemen city of Taiz, a day after a massive attack that claimed dozens of lives. The militia are intensifying attacks to close the last>>

News | 15:40 2022/08/29

Despite the flow of fuel-laden ships to the Red Sea port of Hodeidah, the Houthi militia is planning to create a fuel crisis in Sana a to divert the available fuel supply to black markets aand invest>>

News | 15:40 2022/08/29

Instead of responding to growing demands to open vital roads to the years long besieged Taiz, Yemen s Houthi terrorists have fiercely escalated attacks against the city in an attempt to close the>>

News | 19:30 2022/08/25

Yemen s Shia Houthis hanged a boy to death in one of their run jails in the central Yemeni province of Taiz last Tuesday, sources have said. The terror group who control part of Taiz executed>>

News | 20:10 2022/08/23

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan The Southern Transitional Council militias, a blend of separatists and Giants Brigades (Salafi militants) announced hours ago the start of a new operation against>>

News | 20:10 2022/08/21

Southern Yemen s separatist gunmen affiliated to the Southern Transitional Council (STC) militia attacked the government forces protecting key oil facilities and looted the country s biggest>>

News | 00:00 2022/08/21

The Southern Transitional Council militia have begun attacking the army s positions, setting up checkpoints and raising separatist flags in the road that links Ataq (of Shabwa province) with Al-Abr>>

News | 20:10 2022/08/18

Houthi gangs led by militiaman Abdulbaset have been encircling the villages of Hamdan, a Sana a outskirt, cutting food and medical supplies to the besieged civilian tribesmen as the militia seeks to>>

News | 20:10 2022/08/18

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan Fierce fighting between government forces and southern separatists has reportedly blocked Al-Abr, the main road linking Yemen from the southeast with Saudi Arabia, local>>

News | 00:00 2022/08/17

The Kuwaiti Society for Relief, one of the humanitarian aid organizations operating in Yemen, has delivered 200 hand-held ploughing machines to farming families in the provinces of Lahj, Abyan,>>

News | 23:10 2022/08/16

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan However big the events are in our country, they should not distract us from being constantly mindful what is in the western press. Over the past seven years, western>>