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20:40 2023/05/16

Ex-Guantanamo detainee Mansoor Adayfi has Yemeni passport restored Adayfi had been living in Serbia since his release from Guantanamo MEE staff Tue, 05/16/2023 - 17:23 >>

16:20 2023/04/20

Yemen: Crush kills at least 85 in Sanaa school during Ramadan aid delivery Hundreds more reported injured in disaster on the eve of Eid al-Fitr MEE and agencies Thu, 04/20/2023 ->>

18:20 2023/04/16

Yemen: Houthis and government free 90 prisoners on last day of exchange The last of a three-day exchange saw dozens of prisoners released, with more expected during the day MEE>>

12:30 2023/04/13

Houthis set sights on international recognition as Yemen peace talks progress Critics say Saudi Arabia and Houthis looking out for own interests as other Yemeni actors are left in the>>

22:20 2023/04/08

Saudi Arabia releases 13 detainees ahead of wider Yemen prisoner swap: Houthis Prisoners freed as Saudi officials plan to travel to Sanaa for permanent ceasefire talks, with momentum>>

21:00 2023/03/26

War in Ukraine adds another layer of suffering for millions in Yemen Rising food prices caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine add to the plight of ordinary Yemenis as conflict enters>>

23:40 2023/03/25

Jeremy Corbyn, Ilhan Omar join hundreds calling for an end of war in Yemen Activists assembled for online rally marking eight years since hostilities began and called for a permanent end>>

13:20 2023/03/20

Yemen: Houthis to release 15 Saudis and other detainees in swap Yemeni group says it will release 181 detainees, including 15 Saudi Arabians and three Sudanese, in exchange for 706>>

01:00 2023/03/01

UN still billions short of Yemen funding goal despite $444m US pledge Yemen’s war has killed hundreds of thousands and pushed the impoverished nation to the brink of famine >>

11:10 2023/02/23

Yemen: Torture victims accuse Total of breaching French corporate duty law In new lawsuit, lawyers for men allegedly tortured at Yemeni gas plant used as a prison argue French energy>>

17:40 2021/04/16

Yemen: Houthis continue to advance on Marib, as fighting leaves dozens dead Thousands of civilians are fleeing Marib as Houthi forces fight government troops for control of the oil-rich>>

23:40 2021/04/14

Biden urged by lawmakers to pressure Saudi Arabia into ending Yemen blockade A bipartisan group of Congress members say restriction of imports has led to 'economic collapse, and the>>

16:10 2021/04/12

Yemen's Houthis claim drone and missile barrage on Saudi oil facilities Iran-backed group said it launched armed drones at oil refineries in the Red Sea city of Jeddah and Jubail in the>>

01:20 2021/04/07

Biden told to 'pressure' Saudi Arabia into ending Yemen blockade More than 70 Democrats tell US president to take additional steps to end 'unconscionable' Saudi-led blockade MEE>>

14:50 2021/04/06

Yemen: Fishermen find valuable 'whale vomit' and become rich overnight Thanks to a displaced fisherman from Hodeidah, a huge chunk of precious ambergris was found in a sperm whale,>>

01:20 2021/04/03

'US is complicit': Activists protest against Yemen blockade with hunger strike Anti-war organisers are staging a hunger strike in Washington to bring awareness to the Saudi-led siege on>>

13:20 2021/03/31

Covid-19: Yemen receives first vaccines through Covax initiative Hundreds of thousands of doses arrive a week after country's coronavirus committee warned of public health 'emergency' >>

13:20 2021/03/30

Yemen: UN team finds Houthis behind Aden airport attack that killed 22 The experts say that no other Yemeni faction has the ability or the technology to carry out such an attack MEE>>

11:50 2021/03/26

Saudi Arabia reports fire at Jizan oil terminal as Houthis escalate attacks Rebels say they also targeted King Abdelaziz military base in Dammam and military sites in Najran and Asir >>

01:20 2021/03/26

Saudi-led coalition has carried out at least 22,766 air raids in Yemen: Report New data shows the number of air raids fell drastically following the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal>>

17:00 2021/03/25

Yemen war: Six ways people have adapted their lives after six years of conflict Amid a loss of basic services, Yemenis have had to swap houses for tents, gas for firewood and jobs for>>

22:20 2021/03/23

Iran says it supports peaceful solution to end Yemen war Iranian Foreign Ministry expresses 'disgust' at Saudi campaign in Yemen, but says it backs peace plan that would end blockade and>>

20:50 2021/03/23

Yemeni family appeals US drone strike case to Germany's highest court Rights group says significance of Ramstein Air Base in Germany for US drones strikes in Yemen is greater than the>>

18:30 2021/03/22

Saudi Arabia issues Yemen ceasefire initiative; Houthis say it's 'not serious' Saudi proposal calls for UN-monitored ceasefire and opening Sanaa airport to a 'number of regional and>>

15:30 2021/03/21

Yemen: Houthis admit teargas fired by guards caused deadly fire at detention centre Houthis say they have detained 11 men from the security forces and senior officials over fire that left>>

18:30 2021/03/19

Yemen’s Houthis claim attack on Saudi Aramco oil refinery that sparked fire The Houthis have escalated cross-border attacks in recent weeks, as fighting intensifies in Yemen’s north >>

14:50 2021/03/19

Yemen's Houthis advance on Marib after capturing mountain The government's loss of Mount Hilan threatens Marib’s first line of defence MEE and agencies Fri, 03/19/2021 - 10:28 >>

14:50 2021/03/18

Yemen's Houthis renew call for end to Saudi-led blockade before ceasefire The Iran-aligned fighters continue their push to take control of Marib, which is home to at least a million>>

17:51 2021/03/17

Yemen's Houthis express 'deep regret' for Sanaa migrant centre fire Houthis said 44 people died, as evidence grows that the rebels caused the fire Areeb Ullah Wed, 03/17/2021 ->>

17:10 2021/03/16

Yemen: Evidence mounts that Houthis started Sanaa migrant centre fire A new Human Rights Watch investigation confirms MEE findings that Houthis started a fire that killed scores of>>

15:40 2021/03/16

Yemen: Protesters storm presidential palace demanding payment of wages Yemen's Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik and other officials remain holed up in the building in the port city of>>

12:40 2021/03/15

Yemen: Houthis claim drone attack on airports in southern Saudi Arabia Saudi-led coalition confirms that it had intercepted an armed drone headed to Khamis Mushait MEE and>>

20:10 2021/03/14

Yemen: Houthi missile attack kills three children in Taiz A missile fired at a school where pro-government forces are based killed 15 soldiers and three children nearby MEE and>>

00:40 2021/03/13

US envoy for Yemen blames Houthis for failure to reach ceasefire Tim Lenderking played down the effect of the blockade on the humanitarian crisis, accusing the Houthis of impeding aid >>

20:10 2021/03/08

Yemen: UN fears many dead after fire in Sanaa migrant detention centre Houthis criticised the UN for not deporting migrants, thought to be mainly Ethiopians, detained in the centre >>

02:50 2021/03/08

Yemen's Houthis target Saudi oil facilities in new escalation Houthis claim to have fired drones and missiles at Ras Tanura, one of the world's biggest oil ports, and military targets in>>

20:10 2021/03/07

Saudi-led coalition bombards Yemeni capital after Houthi drone attacks Coalition backing recognised government said it intercepted 12 drones launched by Houthis MEE and>>

21:40 2021/03/04

Houthis call on Yemenis to donate funds for ballistic missile programme Embassy of Yemen's internationally recognised government in Washington slams crowdfunding campaign as 'brazen'>>

16:20 2021/03/04

Yemen: Car bomb kills southern separatist fighters in Aden Southern Transitional Council forces said Brigadier General Mohsen al-Wali had survived an attack on a convoy MEE and>>

11:50 2021/03/04

Yemen's Houthis claim missile strike on Saudi Aramco plant in Jeddah Houthi military spokesman said attack took place at dawn using a winged Quds-2 missile and had struck its target >>