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19:20 2021/12/12

Eight civilians were killed and injured by Houthi-laid landmines in north Yemen s Aljawf province on Saturday, the Yemeni Observatory on Landmines has said. The observatory said, "Three>>

20:00 2021/12/08

By Abdullah Abu AL-Hassan Yemen s Houthis killed and injured seventeen civilians in a new ballistic missile attack on a school in southwestern Yemen s Taiz province on Tuesday, local sources have>>

19:10 2021/12/04

The Yemeni Chamber of Commerce has sent a letter to President Hadi warning him of coming famine as the national currency collapses./ Multiple websitesThe Yemeni riyal falls to an all-time low>>

00:21 2021/12/02

The smuggling of Yemen s old riyal currency from Aden in the south to the Houthi militia-held Sana a in the north is reportedly on the rise difference sources have confirmed, blaming that for the>>

19:10 2021/11/29

The Houthi militia fighting Yemen s government for more than seven years are relocating weapons from military camps to markets to avert strikes by the Arab Coalition, it has been reported. Bawabati>>

21:20 2021/11/27

Increasing signs of rifts between Houthimilitants and their allied tribal leaders in Sana a as the latter accuse the former of draining their reserve of young men into the battlefronts/Multiple>>

19:50 2021/11/24

Yemeni analyst Mohammed Al-Kumaim: Even if the Houthi control recedes to one inch (under military pressure), they won t negotiate. This group (Houthis) have their own nonnegotiable theory of>>

19:50 2021/11/22

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan Opinion Prices of many agricultural products, rents, cooking gas, medical consultations and work-force wages are the same in Houthi and government controlled areas>>

19:10 2021/11/22

The Houthi militia are mounting more campaigns in Sana a to find children and enlist them in the ceaseless war against the Yemeni government in Marib and Hodeidah governorates, local sources have>>

19:50 2021/11/15

The ten months since the US administration decided to remove Houthis from the terror list are the worst in the life of the Yemeni people, Yemen s Information Minister has said. Muammar al-Eryani>>

18:10 2021/11/11

Houthi militants have inaugurated an operations room and an intelligence office in Sana a to manage terrorist attacks and chaos stirring acts in the liberated Yemeni territories, both the ones>>

18:10 2021/11/11

25 Yemeni MPs asked the country s president Hadi to procure weapons from any source and equip his lightly armed army to confront the heavily-armed Houthis /Multiple websites.Marib s governor Sultan>>

19:40 2021/11/10

Yemen s government has slammed the Houthi militia s assassination of a pregnant female journalist and injury of her husband by bombing their car in the southern port of Aden on Tuesday. "The>>

18:40 2021/11/07

Yemen s Southern Transitional Council militia hanged to death a government soldier and brutally tortured two others who tried to foil the smuggling of arms to the their fellow anti-government>>

18:40 2021/11/07

A Houthi extremist (Ghamdan Ali Alshegagi) shot dead his father in north Yemen s province on Wednesday, the latest in a growing rate of parenticides and the second in a month by members of the Shiit>>

01:20 2021/11/06

The presidency of the University of Aden called on Thursday afternoon, 4/11/2021 for an exceptional meeting in which it discussed the incident of the criminal and sinful assassination attempt that>>

17:50 2021/11/05

Professor Mohammed Aklan, Vice President of the University of Aden for Postgraduate Studies Affairs, and a leader in the Yemeni Islah Party office in Aden, was subjected to a heinous assassination>>

18:40 2021/11/03

Houthi militants fire a shell on a car killing three new civilians and wounding two others in Jabal Habashi district, west of Taiz on Tuesday/Multiple websitesYemen s government announces its>>

18:40 2021/10/31

Yemen s Congregation for Reform (the Islah) party has condemned the blast that claimed several civilian lives in Aden Airport on Saturday. "We condemn the attack that happened in Aden>>

18:40 2021/10/28

Yemen s army has pushed back on Houthis on different warfronts in the country s east despite the recent advancements of the well-armed Houthi Shia militants. Yemen s army has cleared out fighters>>

18:40 2021/10/27

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan Opinion The US envoy Blankenberg overlooked all the religion-rooted terrorism of Yemen s Shia theocratic organization of Houthis and assured them, three months ago, that>>

20:50 2021/10/26

Yemen s Houthis, controlling the country s northwest, have taken a new escalatory step in the currency war against the part of Yemen outside their control including the government-administered areas,>>

19:20 2021/10/23

Unknown gunmen assassinated Dhiya Al-Haq Al-Ahdal, a senior member of the Islah party, in Yemen s central Taiz city on Saturday morning. The correspondent of Al-Sahwa Net website said the gunmen>>

18:40 2021/10/23

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan Opinion The following is an excerpt from the UN Security Council s 20 October press statement: "The members of the Security Council condemned the Houthi cross-border>>

18:40 2021/10/23

Fierce clashes are raging in Aljooba of Marib as Houthis are sending overwhelming waves of fighters onto the army s outposts/Almashehad Alkhaleeji websiteYemen s information minister has renewed>>

19:20 2021/10/20

A new balistic missile fired by Houthis left 15 civilian casualties in Yemen’s eastern Marib province on Wednesday, in an apparent bid to distrct the public’s attention from the Shiit militia’s>>

19:20 2021/10/19

Houthis have executed captive government soldiers, tribal supporters and civilians including a shepherd in Abdiya south of Marib, sources including the Health Ministry office in Marib said/Multiple>>

19:20 2021/10/19

Four civilians including two children were killed and injured by a Houthi BMB projectile in central Yemen s Beidha governorate on Monday, local sources said. Mohammed Al-Homayqani and Tareq>>

20:00 2021/10/17

The Houthi militia have established a new force to collect compulsory funds from traders and street vendors in their areas of control to finance their never-ending wars in the country, local>>

20:00 2021/10/17

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan Our Ulema need to break silence and declare to the population in Houth areas the individual duty (Fardh Ayn) to migrate to Marib – directly to the frontlines to defend>>

19:10 2021/10/16

Yemen s government has Houthi terrorists are "committing genocides in the country s eastern Marib governorate amidst an unfathomable and unjustified international and UN silence." Minister>>

18:30 2021/10/16

Houthis destroy 6 villlages in Abdiya of Marib and the wave of displacements is unprecedented./Ayn Almahrah websitePremier Maeen Abdulmalik: Houthis won t yield to peace unless suppressed>>

18:30 2021/10/16

Yemen s Information Minister has said the terrorist Houthi militia are committing genocides in the country s eastern Marib governorate "amidst an unfathomable and unjustified international and>>

19:10 2021/10/14

Houthis fight Marib with weapons designed for use in only country-to-country wars. The militias of racist leader and Iran s mercenary Abdulmalik Al-Houthi shell the houses of Abdiya [region in Marib]>>

18:30 2021/10/14

Yemeni activists strongly criticized the International Committee of the Red Cross for sending aid to Houthis in Sana a and ignoring the Abidya, a region in Yemen s Marib that Shia terrorists have>>

18:30 2021/10/14

Yemeni MPs have demanded the country s president to withdraw from the December 2018 Stockholm Agreement with Houthis after the Shiit militia dishonored the deal turning it its complete terrorist>>

23:40 2021/10/13

The Houthi 22 days long siege on Bani Abd tribe in Abeeda region, south of Marib, has prompted the besieged tribesmen to appeal for help from the Yemeni people. Abdulkareem Alabeedi, a young>>

21:30 2021/10/12

A Yemeni army official has said the situation in Abdiya villages besieged by the Houthis south of Marib s provincial capital is becoming dangerous as the 20 days old Houthi siege and armed>>

19:10 2021/10/10

*Traditional Press - Activists are appealing for the rescue of 35 thousand civilians being besieged by the Houthi militiain the region of Abdiya, in eastern Yemen s Marib governoate/Aden Alghad>>

19:10 2021/10/10

Houthi militants killed an elderly woman in Yemen s western Hodeidah province on Saturday, sources have said. The sectarian Shia militants in Aljarrahi highway in the shot, as usual, artillery fire>>